Choose a Flight Game for Leisure time Pleasure

Flight game is really a game designed to give the intoxicating feeling and thrill of being in flight in an artificially recreated environment. With sophisticated technology and talented people, the flight game is created to transport you to the sky in charge of the cockpit and control of an aircraft. The game can be played sitting in a console or from your personal computer in the confines of your home.

A flight game is packaged with realistic features to give you the actual feeling of flight in various aircrafts from the Wright planes to the modern sophisticated fighter aircrafts. The game has the potential for adventure, when you compete in the air to come one up over rivals. This is best enjoyed in WWII flight game packages with ultra-modern fighter aircrafts in play.

A flight game tests your abilities and skills as a pilot by engaging you in handling accessories such as joysticks, pedals, gauges and other aero- mechanical devices. This enhances your interest in the game and you learn the basics of the game. It teaches you to handle different types of aircrafts and helicopters, land at various airports, observe instrument behavior, night flying, runway elevations, and confront hostile weather conditions.

In this era of technology, a flight game can be downloaded and enjoyed at leisure time. These are some of the games you can find on the Internet:

1 . Flight Pro Sim

2 . Free Mobile Flight Simulator

3. Free Google Earth Flight Simulator

4. Free Goggle Flight Simulator

5. YS Flight Simulator

6. Flight Gear Simulator Software 7. Free WWII Air Combat Simulator

8. Free Space Flight Simulator

9. Flying Model Simulator (FMS) Software

These come in several flying models, different landscapes and graphics, environmental conditions and simple sound effects with collision detection software.